Learning Management System

hệ thống e-learning nâng cao chất lượng đào tạo tại doanh nghiệp

1. Training solution for teachers and administrators (IDEAS LMS for Teachers)

The LMS is designed and built to serve training for teachers, staff, and managers at different levels.

Functions and Profession

IDEAS LMS meets the functional and professional requirements for teachers according to Official Letter No. 4756 / BGDĐT-IT issued by the Ministry of Education and Training on November 6, 2020.

Implementation Method

The implementation method is diverse, capable of being customized according to the specific requirements of educational management institutions at all levels.

Data Connection and Communication

The LMS solution is available to connect and share data about results and training processes with the database systems of the educational institutions and the Ministry of Education and Training when required

Training Content

The training content is compiled by experts with many years of experience in training teachers and administrators at all levels.


Data protection with a secure password


Ensure information security and keep personal information confidential


Stable, secure, easy to use, responsive to user traffic.


24/7 service support

2. Online learning solution for educational institutions

A comprehensive solution to meet teaching-learning and management requirements for students and teachers at all levels from Primary, Middle, and High School, effectively used in more than 100 countries.

The solution is available to connect, share data with the database system and administrative software of the educational organizations.

Outstanding Features

Online Learning

học trực tuyến

Virtual classroom

lớp học ảo

Learner categorization

Asian Group of students using tablet and notebook sharing with the ideas for working on the campus lawn

AI Application in grading essays

Online exam organization and supervision

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