Lesson Digitalization

Digital lessons and coursewares

The core values ​​of digital training programs


Benefits of Lesson Digitalization

Helping Schools and Enterprises build online training program.

Suitable for all types of teaching-learning, internal training whether in online or blended method.

Lesson Digitalization at IDEAS

Accurate content

The team of advisors are teachers with many years of experience, experts in many fields

High interactivity

Ensuring interaction between students and lesson content as traditional teaching and training.

Cost optimization

Lessons and materials only need to be digitized once and can be reused anytime, anywhere.


The ADDIE process is professionally applied to bring out the perfect product quality.

Lesson Digitalization Process at IDEAS


1. Collect requirements and give advice

IDEAS receives the request from the Client and the parties discuss to agree on the following issues:

  • Target learner 
  • Course Objectives
  • Basic outline of each training content (input)
  • Expected results after training (output)
  • Implementation progress of work items.
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2. Propose a solution

IDEAS proposes a solution for the lesson structure:

  • Standard document: detailed description of the lecture
  • Lecture structure and proportion: content, quiz, test, survey
  • The form of the lecture: text, audio, video, interactive, 2D/3D… suitable for each training content.

IDEAS sends the proposed plan to the Client for approval.

3. Build the script

IDEAS builds a detailed script for each content:

  • Lecture script
  • Video script (video recording at the studio, creating animation effects,…)
  • Script for quizzes, tests, surveys

IDEAS sends the product to the Client for comments and adjustments until the final plan is agreed upon.

4. Develop the lesson

IDEAS conducts product development:

  • Build E-learning lessons
  • Design the interface, graphics, record sound and video
  • Combine components, package products, export files according to E-learning standards (SCORM, AICC, Tincan/xAPI …)

5. Internal evaluation

  • DEAS tests all products before sending them to the Client.
  • Guide the Client to check products on IDEAS’s system.

6. Handover and support

IDEAS hands over products to the Client, including:

  • Lecture files are packed according to the format and requirements of the Client.

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